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September 2023

The long awaited 3rd album!  


9 new songs from Black Rose Burning!


"The band’s focus on creating a mesmerizing and reverb-laden ambiance shines through outstanding vocal performance, catchy chord progressions, intricate basslines, and moderate rhythmic sequences."

-Thoughts Word Action  


"Night Terrors"  is a potent taste of their 3rd release!

 - Myth Of Rock

"Fight" is invigorating "

- Dancing About Architecture  

"The shooting star guitar riff gives to the frantic rhythm track.Based on the single Night Terrors, we can't wait to see  "

- Sound & Shadows

Available 9/15 on Bandcamp

Available for pre-order now!


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Created by instrumentalist, producer and engineer George Grant in 2018, Black Rose Burning is a very unique combination of Goth, Postpunk, Synthwave, Rock and Shoegaze.  The project comes bearing multi-generational influences accepting no boundaries, but still maintaining an overall succinct flow and feel. 40 years of solid songwriting (across many genres) has helped George embellish on well established hooks reminiscent of bands like Tears For Fears and the Church, matched with the drive and determination of acts such as The Sisters Of Mercy and Bauhaus. Include the gothic-pop sensibilities of early Cult and The Cure and BRB does some very creative dusting off, updating and recreation of this early “alternative magic”.  The soulful vocal delivery is a standout feature of the songs - one that instantly and immediately recognizable, and sets the music apart from most others.

Fans of a whole new breed of bands such as Drab Majesty, Actors, Twin Tribes and Creux Lies will enjoy the extremely soulful vocals, unique grooves and top level instrumentation captured here. Described as “postgothic-earworms”, BRB creates mini stories within each unique song - and memorable chorus’ are plentiful.

Both albums were recorded in George’s own studio, PV Recording Company, which has over the years hosted a wide variety of acts and artists including:  Voltaire (with whom he played bass for 10 years), Nellie McKay, Chibi (The Birthday Party Massacre), Emelio Zeff China (Peter Murphy), Knox Chandler (Siouxie And The Banshees) Julia Marcel,Paul Bakija (Reagan Youth) and Ego Likeness. 


The latest record - and sophomore album “The Wheel” takes the sound to delirious new levels in terms of songwriting and composition.  

A live band is also been assembled to take the material live to stages everywhere in the form of guitarist Frank Morin (World Inferno Friendship Society), and drummer Luis Infantas (Monster Zero). Solo acoustic performances are also planned throughout 2022 and beyond .

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